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The Selectboard is at the center of Vermont's local government.  The board has general supervision and control over the affairs of the town.  The Selectboard performs three functions: legislative (enacts local ordinances, regulations and policies), administrative (prepares and presents the budget, oversees all town expenditures, supervieses personnel and controls town buildings and property) and quasi-judicial (determines rights in such areas as laying out, discontinuing and reclassifying highways, hearing appeals as the local board of health, local liquor control commission and tax abatements/appeals).

The Selectboard meets on the 2nd. and 4th. Tuesday of each month at 4:30 pm unless otherwise posted.  All meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend.

If you would like to ask the Selectboard to consider a request that may require some action of the board, please contact Town Clerk, Nancy Robinson at 672-3334 and ask to have that topic placed on the agenda.  To assure public knowledge and the possibility of public input, the Board's practice is to take votes or action only on items that have been specific agenda items.

Board Members: Norman (Nope) Martin II, Chair

                         Mary Oldenburg

                         Lynne Bertram

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